Review of the Week:Black Swan


I saw this film a while ago and was reluctant to write about it because I had been really anxious to see it. Aronofsky, Portman, Cassel, Ballet, madness, etc, all names and themes that interest me. To say that I was left indifferent by it is an understatement. I was completely and  utterly disappointed. Yes, it´s visually stunning (the final sequence is brilliantly executed), but the script is full of bad dialogue, obvious allusions to duality, and pop psychology. What I initially thought could be a companion piece to the masterful Mulholland Drive falls short in every aspect.

In both films we are presented with a leading lady that is obsessed with making it big in her career (ballet and acting, respectively). Both films were very hyped because they have a lesbian sex scene, but what in Black Swan is all about showing the pressures a woman must endure in order to succeed, Mulholland Dr. really delves into the character and what she feels thus giving it a whole new dimension: it´s about her thinking that she has something that will never be hers. I think that´s the core of the problem with Black Swan, you never really feel for Nina (even though Natalie Portman tries with all her might). When I finished watching Mulholland Drive I was haunted by the film for days, weeks, years (it still is my favorite film of all time), I was moved to tears and felt every single thing Naomi Watts conveyed. If you want to see disturbing scenes look no further than the audition scene or the masturbation scene in Lynch´s film. It´s painfully obvious Aronofsky still has a long way to go.

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