Oscars 2011: The Bening vs Portman

I couldn´t care less about  this years winners and losers except for the fact that the brilliant Annette Bening was once again snubbed in favor of Natalie Portman. Now, I´m not saying that Portman didn´t deserve recognition for the only good thing Black Swan had, but the thing is that even if The kids are all right wasn´t Annette´s best film, it was one of her best performances.

I knew the Academy was going to give the Oscar to Portman, because let´s face it, she´s a really good actress, has been in the business forever, the role was physically demanding, doesn´t have a criminal record (a real rarity these days ) and is pregnant with her costar in the film. What more can you want? This is the type of stories that people love, so her award was a shoe in.

On the other hand The Bening, while very respected, isn´t the most likeable person in the industry. Her ego is the size of the Grand Canyon and with good reason: she´s AMAZING. ALWAYS.

If you look at both performances, you actually see the big difference: whereas Bening is subtle and restrained, Portman is over the top and obvious (just like the film she stars in). I needed just one scene from The Kids are all right to feel Bening´s prowress. I couldn´t feel anything even remotely close to it in Black Swan even though the film practically screams to the viewer THAT is what it should be feeling.

I leave you with  scenes from both films. You decide.

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