Film of the Day: Caravaggio (1986)

After seeing the film I must say that while I find it to be a little pretentious, it´s vissually stunning and has some really magnificent performances. Sean Bean Stands out for me.

Here is a little extract I found interesting considering the love triangle presented in the movie:

Although, as one might expect from the evidence, there is much scholarly debate over the issue of Caravaggio’s sexual preferences, it appears that two of the most consistently objective scholars, notably Howard Hibbard and Richard Spear, agree that, from a modern perspective, one simply cannot be sure whether Caravaggio was exclusively homosexual, more inclined to bisexuality, or what. (See Richard Spear’s Caravaggio and His Followers, revised edition (Harper and Row, 1971). Whatever the case, as with Benvenuto Cellini, bisexuality was not as unusual during the period as some viewers might imagine. Therefore, to assume that Caravaggio was notoriously and unquestionably homosexual, as Donald Posner has done in “Caravaggio’s Homo-Erotic Early Works” (The Art Quarterly, Vol. 34, Autumn 1971), is perhaps going beyond fact and into speculation. It is precisely this disagreement over Caravaggio’s sexuality which leads one to suspect that his early androgynous boy self-portraits may use the artist’s face merely as a model, and not as subject. Granted, androgyny was commonly equated with homosexuality in the Renaissance, and the paintings are convincingly homo-erotic in themselves. However, there is not enough evidence to prove that the works particularly reflect Caravaggio’s own interests and passions. That they echo Cardinal Del Monte’s inclinations and desires is far more likely.

From Essortment

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