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Film of the Day: Chinatown (1974)

“(…)Similar to a case that he never fully perceived or understood years earlier when he was a cop in LA’s Chinatown [symbolic of the city of Los Angeles], he is doomed to repeat history (“You may think you know what … Continue reading

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Breaking, Making, and Killing Time in Pulp Fiction

Kevin Howley, DePauw University, USA In an essay written in 1964 titled “Are Movies Going to Pieces?” Pauline Kael laments what she calls the “creeping Marienbadism” of contemporary cinema. With characteristic wit and pointed prose, Kael laments the death of … Continue reading

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Review of the Week:Black Swan

MULHOLLAND DRIVE FOR DUMMIES. I saw this film a while ago and was reluctant to write about it because I had been really anxious to see it. Aronofsky, Portman, Cassel, Ballet, madness, etc, all names and themes that interest me. … Continue reading

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